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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Naïve Stitch

That was me – because that was my first xstitch project. Those patern are countryside view but I forgot the publisher as the book is no longer with me. I remember that I never like sewing or stitching anything during my school days. I used to teased my sister who loves to do xstitch as a wasting time hobby. That was me –long time ago and my perception is, a reading story books or novel brings more benefits rather than stitching the pattern printed on the red paper. Now, looks who is crazy stitching and stashing and I laugh at does my sister..*LOL*.

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Yati said...

Salmi, Yati jalan-jalan di rumah salmi ni, dan nampak cross stitch ni. Suka yang ni. Dah tak jumpa pattern macam ni. Boleh recall kat mana dapat tak? Thanks...