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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Never Give Up....

When I received a call from Sara told me that she did not won the competition...I feel pity for her. I know that she wants to win. But I know, its quite difficult for her to win with the text which was prepared by her in 3 days and she only got a chance to memorize those 4 pages text in 2 days while she also having her term examination. She did not have enough time for preparation. Everything was done at the last minute. How can we expect the form 3 students to do the translation of the BM text to English?. Somebody has to take the resposibility right?..the text should be prepared earlier..and at least give her 2 weeks to memorize the whole things..

I told her..never give had done your level best. Forget about what people say because you did not win. The most important thing is that you have the courage to speak in English infront of so many people. The knowledge and the experience that you had gained from this event is more valuable than the prize that you did not won..

So dont ever give up and learn from the mistakes..failure just makes you a better person..cheer up..Sara.

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