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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Cross stitch, Hardanger and Ribbon Embroidery

Hello All,

Here is my SAL Update *blushing*.., I did not progress much since last month update. Still need to fill up the blanks with appropriate colors and stitches. I can foresee slower progress in the next three months. Nothing much can be done to squeeze more time for my stitching hobby. Workload is getting heavier with few crisis that need immediate attention and both DD will be having an important examination which is just around the corner. I am very happy to see all of our SAL members progress. Congratulations to all my SAL buddies and happy stitching the next shelf.

Look, what I had bought from MPH Midvalley today.*smile*. I had no intention to spend on books or magazine for this month, but when I saw the SALE BANNER, 20% off for members, I cannot resist and found two books in my wish list, so I just grab it..A beginner guide to Hardanger by Jill Carter and A Beginner Silk Ribbon Embroidery by Ann Cox. I love both of it. Explanation and illustration is simple and easy to I have time to do it..One fine Day..I will..*wink*

Front cover of the books

Various interesting hardanger projects

Back Cover of the Silk Ribbon Embroidery Books

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