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Friday, May 23, 2008

For A Teachers

All three DD had their teacher's day celebration after their mid term examination. Tena's school celebrate on 22 May, while Sara and Shahirah is on the 23rd May. If last year, I am stitched a small xstitch piece for cards and sachets, I was not able to do that in this year. For the past 3 weeks I had worked at site office which tooks about 2 hours travelling time daily. Its very tiring. So the fastest and easiest way to prepare a small gifts for about 20 teachers is to baked a cookies..*wink*..thanks sis ros for the idea. Lucky that all of them are willing to help and I managed to baked about 400 pcs cookies in just one night !..

Sara also made 2 pcs of card for her favourite teacher..ermm one for her Mandarin language teacher and another one for her English teacher. Hope their teacher will enjoy the small gifts from us.


Asmahani said...

Looks like someone is utilising her scrapbooking stash..:)

Salmi said...

hehehehe..she better start make use of all the papers and tools or nanti ibu dia jual balik kat ebay..hahahaha..