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Sunday, July 20, 2008

RE Roses

I was intoduced to this wonderful teacher by my neighbour (Auntie B), she messaged me about RE advanced class that discuss about the fabric selection, designing and colors combination. I then called the teacher and confirmed my attendance on her Saturday class. It was from 9:30 am till 5:30 pm. During the phone conversation, generally I had some idea about the class programme, but little that I know on what kind of RE flowers that I am going to learn.

In her class, I was amazed when the teacher (we called her, Cikgu) showed her beautiful 3D RE roses and it reminds me of Helen Eriksson. Yes, she is Helen’s student. The class was fun. I got a chance to met new people and make new friends. We have learned 2 types of roses that used 1 inch satin ribbon. The design is not complete yet, as I need to buy a bigger hoop to work more on flowers.

Shahirah: Ibu, satu hari pegi kelas, siap 2 bunge nie je ke?

Me : he he he, ye lah ingat senang ke nak buat

Shahirah: ishhh, kalau adik, tak payahla.

Me: ..grinnn..

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