Thank you, Beautiful people :-)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Arum Lily

Wallaaa..finished this simple Arum Lily RE pattern while watching the Olympics Badminton final qualifying between Chong Wei vs Lee Hyun Ill. Congrats Chong Wei. We hope that you will beat the "Super Dan" for a gold medal even though based on the previous meeting record, Chong Wei only won four games out of twelve with Lin Dan.

Back to my thread keeper, I am using a linen gingham for the fabric and Offray ribbon for the RE. I bought this small piece linen from Linda (stitching rambles) quite sometimes ago. I already bought the ring for this thread keeper but it went missing or misplaced to be exact. Hurmmm...this is what happen whenever I asked DD's to do house keeping..*wink*.."Yaya!..please find my ring or I will not bring ya all to the Disney High School Musical concert this coming monday !" . Happy School Holiday !