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Friday, September 12, 2008


I am adapting a design from Helen Eriksson book - Ribbon Renaissance called The Winter Rose Cushion. The challenging part for me is the colour selection. I need to carefully select a right ribbon colour that stands out on this dark color fabric - maroon. As Kaye Pyke said in her "Elegant Embroidery Book" - Dont be afraid of colour! Experiment !. I am using 3/8 offray ribbon for the folded roses and satin ribbon for the leaves. More flowers to add in and the most tedious parts is the french knots - really testing my patience. For the french knots I am plan to use 6 strand of DMC variation.

My target is to finish it by end of this month as a gift to my long best friend. I am going to sew it into mini cushion. Gud luck to me..*wink*.

As requested by adik manis, here is my first ever box pleat curtain. I had made a few mistakes here and there but still happy for able to finish it. Jangan gelak tawww...senget sikit tepi tuh...but I am learning..*grin*. The flower fabric (ke base fabric?..blurr sikit subuh2 nie..hiks) is from elyza and I had difficult time in finding the plain matching fabric. I had been browsing all fabric shops in Jalan TAR and unable to find the soft pink that I want. This pink is my last resort. .*wink*.
Thank you for visiting and Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa, Moga amalan kita diberkati.


maklang said...

cantek kaler combination tu..maklang pun suka pink!

Salmi said...

Tq maklang..memula tu okay la kot..nanti dah banyak2 bunge masuk..mula la saya lost nak pilih kaler..hiks..tapi maklang punya kaler combination mmg cantik..lain dari yg lain..

PinkyrosesCottage said...

Well done sis.....maner ada senget tak nmpk pong...hehehhehehe...

Close up sikit la.....if you don't mind!

Salmi said...

Haluuuu Zai, thanks for visiting...hehehe..kaloo amik dekat nampak le senget je tu..tu takmo close up..nanti sakit mate nengok..hahahaha..*wink*