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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Water Lily Blooms

A big HELLO to everyone!

I loves water lily and looking at them floating on the calm lakes or ponds makes me feel relaxed. I wish I can grow them in my garden, but it’s impossible because I had a limited space in my small garden. Thus, I can only successfully grow them on the fabric *wink*.

I made this water lily ribbon work using a satin ribbon, leaves by using the offray ribbon and silk ribbon for the buds..yeap..I used different ribbon type for varieties of effect and I am again using a maroon kaler for the flower..*sigh*..hurmm I loves to work with bright and vibrant colors. The design is a heart shape and the flower combination with this waterlily is blossom flower. I had completed one blossom flower and few more to go.

Have a great day and Happy stitching


Kak Ina said...

Salam salmi,

Canteknya! cantek sangat! akak suke!!!!

sj_xstitch said...

wah cantiknya your RE! wish i can buat secantik itu...


Ibu..... wahhhh tergoda I..... awwww