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Friday, December 25, 2009

Missy Laura Enamel

Salaam and Happy Holidays !

Just my luck, I had accidentally bump into this beautiful pieces *wink*. The first blue and white enamel jug was bought during the Laura Ashley sales at Metrojaya Midvalley. The item was discounted at 70% off and its sangat berbaloi-baloi..*smile*

This enamel with butterfly embossed motif, bought from a lovely lady that sell mostly english decoration items at the level one, amcorp mall flea market during blogger gathering last Sunday. The price tag is simply too good to be ignored !.


sj_xstitch said...

cantiknya enamel pieces ni! Pandai sal cari...

Salmi said...

salam kak ros, rezeki nak jumpa kak..kalau dicari takde, tak plan nak cari boleh pulak terjumpa..tq kak