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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Celebration of the soil

Salaam to everyone,

Here, is the sneak preview what I am busy at for the past week and next two or three weeks. This wedding pillow is special request by my SIL for her son. She specifically mentioned that she wants soft peach colour and can be match with other cream theme pillow which is also in the sewing progress. The pattern is from the Inspiration Magazine ~ celebration of the soil.

The whole design and finishing of the pillow. It is a pair of 16 x 16 pillow with frills. I am hoping that I can improved on my sewing skills. As the proverb says "Practice makes Perfect".

Take care and loads of ~ XOXO.


Reen said...

as usual. Cantikkkkkk!!!!!!

Chempaqa said...

salam kak..
mmg kak ..if bab budu doriannnn..mmg sy x diet pon x per kak..ngamkan plak dgn ulam, ikan bakar..cukuplah..tuh pon dah berpinggan ner nak diet? akak makan jg budu yer?hiihihih..
suka tgk warna peach kat RE sweetttttttt

MamaTiaMia said...

hi salmi..they are lovely and i like "celebration of the soil" so close to earth as you can feel not only blooms but green peas in pods,tomato behinds leaves and water pot with folkart motives swaying and singing to the garden:)re : ye lah salmi memang cabaran bebudak ni..time2 masa baru lepas sakit lagi susah nak marah..kalau dah besar mcm your girl lain pulak di buatnya kan...but kalau kita displin dia mintak2 dia faham kan:) happy sewing:)after 'celebration of the soil" you shud do malay version 'rai kan bumi"..i can see sweet orchids:)

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

salam kak..

as for the macaroons.. saya beli kat Empire Mall, yeap, mall yg baru kat SJ tu.. tempat dia kecik je.. small cafe.. but very laku with cakes and all.. sedap giler.. dia punya red velvet yummey! macaroons dia masya-allah sedap.. cam Emma K punya kat London :D

kalau kat bangsar shopping complex, kak cari cafe the huckleberry dlm times bookstore.. kat situ jual macaroons gak.. memacam gak.. macam laduree!

huckleberry ni ada lagi satu branch kat PJ section 17.

andddd yes.. macaroons ni mmg sedap giler.. akhirnya dpt gak melepaskan rindu dan cravings kat Laduree! teehee..