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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cabbage Rose Needlepoint

Needlepoint is a form of embroidery and worked primarily on canvas. Woolen yarns are used for stitching needlepoint projects. Needlepoint stitches are "patterned" stitches. That is to say, stitches that have pre-determined counted patterns. There are literally hundreds of needlepoint stitches. Many of these stitches started out as embroidery stitches and have been adjusted for needlepoint canvas. Some of the more common needlepoint stitches are cross stitch, bargello, gobelin stitch, basket weave, tent stitch, continental stitch, chain stitch and diagonal stitch. These are just af few of the many needlepoint stitches available today (source :

I bought this beautiful pre-worked needlepoint from an online shop while searching for information about needlework. I am curious to know and see how it was done as I have not seen or may be I had overlook the finished needlepoint work in any of the local needlework shop that I always frequented. This piece was handmade in China using canvas and wool yarn.

Usually, almost all completed needlepoint canvas work have some distortion due stitched process. In order to restore it to the proper shape, I need to do a blocking work. First, I will need to spray the warm water so that easy for me to pull and then pinned the canvas. Since I dont have proper pinning board, my office cubile which is from gypsum board have to "suffer" the pinning *wink*

I am not sure on the finishing yet, maybe table runner or bell pull..hurmm I am so lazy when it comes to sewing *sigh*..we shall see when I am in a good mood to do some sewing *wink*

Till then, take care and XOXO


time to enjoy said...

what an amazing work.go salmi go!finish it

Salmi said...

salaam tte, sorry kak salmi dunno your name :-)..indeed it is a delicate and intricate canvas work by those needlepoint pro's..kak salmi memangla tak reti nak buat..I can only do the finishing..insyallah :-)

MamaTiaMia said... cantik..can imagaine kalau jadi table runner letak lavender dalam old copper jug..uhhhh so french..i shall wait for yr special ke beli copper moulds kat ebay..bestnyerr:) show me okay:)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Salmi, wow! Long time I have not seen, heard, read about someone doing this.
Looks like a lost art.
But you are good! And that is beautiful.
My wife used to do this, but the needles now retired.
You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.

DiahRothman said...

Salmi, indeed this is something very rare and lovely.... Shall try if it happened to come across my way. Look forward to see the outcome of this beauty of yours :)

Salmi said...

Uncle lee, thank you for your visit and sweet notes too..take care ya..

Salmi said...

Kakdee, thanks so much for yr encouragement :-)

Mrsqueenvee/mrs-flopsybunny said...

Hello, what a beautiful piece. I would love to buy the chart can you tell me what it is called please?

Also have you tried using a frame and sewing ALL the edges of the canvas to the frame.You will have to remove and restitch as you move down the piece but.... This will stop 90 percent of the twist or warping.!
All the best, again lovely work
Vee in England