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Sunday, June 05, 2011

A little Time Away

"Everybody need a little time away, I heard her say..from each other"..hurmm yes my little time away from family over the weekend is to be with my new friends who shared the passion of baking at ICCS, kota Damansara. Thanks to mamatiamia for the class info *smile*

This is my 2nd class where we baked a Red Velvet and Pound cake. The 2nd class is much better than the first class as we managed to finished a bit early, less crowded and we had familiarised ourselves with the tools and utensils. During the first class, the student is about 22-25 students and we finished almost at 6 calculate the number of hours standing is about 7 hours and I went home very tired.

hah..see the uneven colour of the cake..because the batter did not mix well..opss we forgot to scrape..hurmm..maybe due to the humid temperature in the and partner cannot think straight..hahaha..put the blame on the malfunction of the aircond..hikss..bad me :-)

Preparing for the French Buttercream Icing

I had baked red velvet cakes few times before and I do prefer cream cheese frosting than french buttercream icing..and on the icing part..owhhh nooo!.. enough for me to know the basic part of icing decorating..I wont pursue further...I work much better "decorating" the fabric with needles, thread and ribbon *sigh*

My final product result *wink*. Yadda..Yadda..I am so happy :-) and satisfied with every single ringgit that I had invested in this Basic Baking Course :-)

Pound cake with lemon glazing

Red Velvet Cake with French Buttercream Icing

Ermmm..the heart shape did not look as it is supposed to be, ada orang tak berapa nak sabar tunggu kek tu kat dalam fridge *wink*..ermm so icing tu tak berapa nak keras, jadi bila kita potong, bentuk heart tu jadi tak kemas..

till then, happy baking :-)


kakyon said...

tak pernah makan lagi kek velvet..mesti sedapkan.ada terbaca dlm beberapa blok masakan..menyatakan kek ini sedap sangat..

Salmi said...

salaam kak, ha ah sedap kak :-)

MamaTiaMia said...

salam salmi..congrats..dah pi belajar..penatttkann..tapi berbaloi..part icing adoii memang leceh salmi..samalah saya pun suka cream cheese jugak;)happy baking..busy lah you after this,thread and needles,mixer and spatula;):)p.s the pink bow is really nice..looks divine on that angelic head;)