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Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Inspiration - Ribbon Rennaissance

Salaam and Hello, Readers :-)

Entry kali nie agak ringkas sebab me adalah mode dalam kebizian and at the same time cam tandus fikiran nak mengarang dan tangan yang lemah longlai nak menaip entry blog..hikss..somehow cannot think straight sebab semua schedule pun harap otak yang simpan and remind..ermss..I should write it down but somehow rasa bila menulis tu lagi melambatkan dan mengambil lebih banyak masa.

One of my favourite ribbon embroidery artist is Helen Eriksson. I admire and adore all of her ribbon embroidery. I bought this book 4 years ago from ebay. I managed to bid for good price as it is used book but still in mint condition. The biggest drawback when you purchased book from ebay is the shipping cost. Furthermore, it is a hardcover book and surely the cost is about 3 times than the book price *wink*. But the content is worth every ringgit spend on it *wink*

Beautiful peonies being framed. This design is in my wishlist but I don't know when I can embark on this project. Look at the dancing petals *wink*.

Another lovely pieces, with a sweet color combo. Really loves the combination of lace, beads, thread and ribbon embroidery. A harmony combination that has been inspiring me in sewing the ribbon embroidery design.

Simple but colorful cushion with Posy of Pansies. A variety of ribbon is used for this project. Helen's book came with a text instruction and to me it is a little drawback as I need to read it few times to really understand the instruction *sigh*.

Till next entry, take care and hugs :-)


CikTie said...

salam kak salmi...bestnya ada buku ni. Mmg susah nak dapatkannya. Di amazon UK hanya ada satu dan amazon amerika satu...walaupun used book, tp mcm pisang goreng panas. Jarang sgt available...:)

Salmi said...

salaam ciktie..buku nie memang bagus tapi dah stop printing lama dah kot..kalau ada yang baru pun sangat2 mahal harga dia..kak sal nak bid kat ebay pun tunggu lama jugak to get a good price :-)

zaliana said...

salam kak..alahai akak tunjuk buku ni pulak...manalah nak cekau ni...heheh
oh ya za dah dapat buku dari book depository...berbaloi2 beli kat situ :D