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Thursday, April 12, 2012

High Tea with Elsa Williams

Salaams and hello readers *smile*

*wink* Wink* smiling today as this kit finally arrived at my door step. I have been hunting for this High Tea Bell Pull by Elsa Williams since last year at ebay. As this chart is quite rare, it is difficult to find its listing on ebay.. almost a year, I left with no luck of buying or bidding this chart as sometimes the chart is listing with high offer price, the seller did not shipped to Malaysia or the shipping are trippled the offer price.

Patience pays anyway, I managed to bid for this chart after a long wait, at a very reasonable price and favourable shipping cost..yay!.This bell pull kit came with black and white chart and a ready made piping !. except for the backing fabric and tassel. (adoiii beli sendiri lah..hehehehe)

Nowadays, the kit usually came with pre-sorted thread. Senang keje makcik, tak payah nak kena gulung kat bobbin dan label ataupun buat thread kad sendiri.

When to start, lama lagi kot..sewing room still under construction *sigh*. Till next entry, I left everyone a slice of cake for our high tea *smile*..take care and happy stitching

Moist Pandan Marble cake

Cinnamon Swirl buttermilk pound cake (maaf kalau nama salah..tak sempat nak check..hehehe)
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shima said...

salmi, mesti cantik bila dah siap... he he, nanti share gambar sewing room ya.... shima pun tak sabar nak tengok :)

Reen said...

jealous!jealous!. hehehe...
Sal, akak nak mintak tlg cari kan michael powell kat ebay.

Salmi said...
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Salmi said...

salaam shima, insyallah..tengah pulun habis-habisan nie..mengejar masa..

kak reen :-), sorry yang buku tu sal lum sempat pos lagi, insyallah esok sal pos express kan yer, no problem the MP, nanti email yer :-)

Yoon said...

wow!! cantiknya...