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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Tasha's Swag On Pillow


Salaam and Hello readers *smile*,

Another design by Helen Eriksson had inspired me - Roses on Silk Cushion.  I changed the name to Tasha's swag as this cushion is for my nephew, Tariq who is going to tie the knot with Tasha at the end of this month.

This is a simple design and I make few modification such as adding few lace leaves, simplified pansies with 3 petals as usually pansy have 5 petals and sewing pansy is time consuming as you need to cut the ribbon into the desired length then stitch a running stitch in order for you to make one petal.  It is quite a tedious job but I loved it!

Azalea flower!..I had to unpick this RE flower few times, in order to get the desired petals placement.  I had a challenging task in selecting the suitable ribbon for this Azalea be it the colour or the ribbon softness.Azalea dancing petals looks best using a rayon ribbon.

I have been wanting to do this bullion flowers  It is quite challenging for me working with this bullion wraps and the works is still not neat but I am happy with the result.  This bullion flower needs a lot of patience as I had pricked my index fingers for so many times *hiks*.

Till next entry, have a beautiful weekend and happy sewing.

Fi Amanillah.


Muna Mahdzar-Fadaaq said...

amazing!! Baeituful as usual!!

Salmi said...

thank you muna :-))

Reen said...

Jealous n full of envy.

kakyon said...

hasiltangan sal memang kelass :)

Salmi said...

terima kasih kak reen & kak yon