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Tuesday, May 07, 2013



Salam and hello readers,

Unlike our trip to Jakarta before, we spend our holidays in the city. This time we decided to go out from Jakarta Central.  Our initial plan is, trip to Bandung but I am not keen to go there on daily trip as the traffic is quite bad nowadays, even though we plan to go there during weekdays, I assumed that the journey will take about 3-4 hours to and another 4 hours fro and I don't think that my mother and aunties can stand the long hours journey so we proposed them trip to Bogor which take about an hour journey from Jakarta Central and they seems agree to our proposal.  

On our way to Bogor, we stop by at their RNR to sampling few local delicacies.  This is known as kerak telor.  Macam telor dadar, cumanya dalam telor dadar tu ada beras pulut yang direndam dan kelapa parut.  Atas kerak telor tu dia tabur kerisik berempah dengan bawang goreng..sedap juga :-). It cost us about RP13,000 which is about RM4.00

My impression about Bogor town, it reminds me about Bandung city.  They have few factory outlets here that sells branded clothes which familiar to me like Zara, Espirit, Burberry and Guess.  I did not shops many items here, just a few t-shirts for DD and DH.  

 Shoes boutique

Bogor is also known as city "seribu angkut"..memang macet selalu..local people heavily depends on angkut  (small van) as a mode of transportation.  I am in Tajur town to looks for some leather items.

Hurmm..a lot of choice of handbags with local brand but decided not to buy any as my handbag is still in very good condition.

Haaa..sometimes we share the same words but different meaning *wink*. 

Till next entry, take care and have a beautiful day ahead :-)

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