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Friday, May 24, 2013

Boutures de rose


Salaam and Hello Readers :-)

It has been more than a month without craft update.  I am taking a short break from craft activities and simply loves to stretch the break longer *wink*.  I knew that I have a long list project that need my attention especially orders from customer that need to be delivered before the month of Ramadhan, but the procrastinate light is "blinking".  Someone is needed to knock my head *sigh*..wake up Salmi..wake up..

Allah answered my prayers through Daood Butt When I read his quotes at facebook: 

If you want to achieve something big (like writing a thesis, hehe) but find it hard and keep getting distracted...
...try dedicating an just an hour of your time everyday towards it!
You'll be surprised how a little time goes a long way!

Now turn the thesis into a craft project *wink*

Yes, I agree with him.  I cannot delayed my pending projects any more.  I need to be disciplined in my time management.  Suddenly, I feel motivated and decided to resume this cross stitch project before I'm embark on my Ribbon Embroidery Project.  This is to tune my mode of thinking from operational issues, numbers and bottom line result that gives me a lot of pressure.  I am not doing sewing on full time basis, it is sometimes difficult for me to have the imagination, trial and error in this imaginative craft when my head is full of office problems *sigh*.  

RE need a lot of thinking especially on flowers an colour selection.  You may overcome this problem is you do it frequently.  Unlike me, when I am occupied with office works, houseworks and baking orders..the important of design, flower technique and colour imagination simply temporary disabled..hiks.  Different people have different ways in doing their work.

O' Allah, thank you for the rain today, Allahumma soyyiban nafi'a (Ya Allah jadikan ia hujan yang bermanafaat - HR Bukhari). We adore the beautiful flower, but never forget the creator who creates this wonderful roses.  Segala puji-pujian dikembalikan kepada Allah atas ciptaanNya.

Take care and have a wonderful holidays!..xoxo


shogun_na said...

You can finish it kak sal....kuatkan semangat...

Salmi said...

salaam ina, terima kasih ina :-), insyallah