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Monday, September 23, 2013

Bread Layered with meat and cheese, bird and flowers in the garden

 Salaams and Hello Readers,

Lately, I have been quite from blogging, not so much posting but I do have intention to do so, I do take a lot of pictures to share but when it comes to updating with pictures and writings, then arghhh..urghhh..(wink).  I baked this wonderful recipe twice already, everybody at home loves it. Here is the recipe with thanks to Wanie for the recipe and Yatie for sharing :-)

Source : WanieDD Homemade
Reference: Yatie Bakar

Roti Lapis Daging Berkeju

utk Inti:
300gm daging cincang @ 4 kpg daging burger (dihancurkan) kalau nak daging lebih blh tmbh lg..
2 ulas bwg putih
1 biji bwg besar
1/2 paket perencah daging black paper maggi
sedikit air
garam n gula

12kpg roti
3biji telur
200ml susu fresh
8kpg slice cheese
cheddar diparut
* sayur2 ikut suka

utk inti
Panskan minyak, tumis bwg putih, bwg besar,daging dan gorengg hingga daging empuk.
kemudian masukkan perencah black paper dgn sedikit air dan masak sehingga daging empuk dan kering.
ketepikan n biar sejuk.

Untuk Roti lapis
Sapukan keseluruhan bekas tahan panas dgn mentega
bancuhkan telur dgn susu sehingga sebati. Celup roti kedalam bancuhan susu tadi dan susun dlm bekas. Buat sehingga penuh bekas utk lapisan yg pertama.tuang kan separuh dr inti tadi keatas roti n ratakan. kemudian susun slice cheese keatas daging.Tutup dgn lapisan roti yg dicelup seperti langkah pertama tadi
Ulang proses yg sama. Lastly tabur cheddar parut kat lapisan atas sekali..
jika ada lebihan telur, siram diatas roti supaya tidak membazir...
bakar dalam oven yg telah dipanaskan pada sushu 180c lebih kurang 35-40 mnt( sehingga masak)
keluarkan dari oven sedia utk dihidang..

I did not go for holidays during long weekend last week.  I have a lot of house chores that need my attention, my garden has been neglected for months, since I was busy with my baking.  Mine's and DD's closet and our store  needs to do some spring cleaning.  I have a headache as all my girls loves to collect shawls, they bought many kind of shawls from ONLINE mainly *sigh* but end up wearing only few me pun mode pot pet pot pet...I urged them to donate it to the charity, so that it can benefit others rather than keep it nicely in the box without any definite intention to wear it

Japanese rose is currently the only flower that survive in small garden.

Petunias are quite expensive at Sungai Buloh Nursery last week maybe because of the weather and limited choice.  The price is usually bit higher if it is during weekends and this is my best pick

Another flower that I bought but I forgot to ask for the name, and I dont know how long it will last but I love the colors.  I don't buy many as it is just short trip even though I do have in mind to look for other few flowers but time does not permit.

I went to Artisan to shopped for the chocolate split, and I noticed that there are so many boxes arrived at the KK home Deco which is few shops away from the artisan's, I suddenly become curious and "busy body" to take a peek on the new arrival hahaha..and then exit the shop with this "cute" birdcage.

Have a good day ahead, friends and readers :-)


Anonymous said...

nampak sedap la, macam lasagna :) & pokok dalam sangkar tu cute sgt

Jom usha koleksi Resepi, Petua, Gambar & Cerita @

shogun_na said...

oh...lapaq nye...nak kena cuba la mcm tggu lps abis diet la... Thanks for the recipe.

Wanie Daud said...

Alhamdulillah..... bila dah buat mesti rasa nak ulang2 buat kan.. =)

Salmi said...

buatwanita, tq nanti saya ziarah..

ina, jgn diet rugi..hihihi

wanie, alhamdulillah, jazakallahu khairan kathira

Yati said...

yati baru nak cakap, macam lasagna. Nampak sedap. Terus lapor. Hehe..