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Friday, January 03, 2014

Sunflower for Maria


Assalamualaikum and Hello Readers.

Alhamdulillah wa syukrulillah, praise be to Allah, its 2014 already and ahlan wa sahlan rabiul awal - month of birth prophet muhammad s.a.w (pbuh).   This is one of the fastest project that I managed to complete in 4 days. 2 days for batik painting and another 2 days for embroidery and sewing..phewww

I am having a difficult time doing Ribbon Embroidery on this fabric as I did not wash the wax thoroughly and as a result, some area become very hard for my needle to pull through. Lesson learn - the wax on the fabric must be washed away completely. My right thumb swelling for few days but I am happy as Maria really loves it.

I sew this bell pull as a gift for our friend from Finland.  Her husband, Mr Sundberg and my husband are working at the same company many years ago.  My husband had few times traveled to Finland on working purposed and from there the relationship continue until today.  Maria and her husband loves to come here and this is their 3rd trip.  For the last trip we drove them to Malacca and for this time, we took them for sight seeing at botanical garden and FRIM, Kepong as Maria loves to see botanic garden.

I purposely finished this piece as a bell pull so that it is convenient for Maria to fit in her luggage.  As for the hanger, I have to source it from ebay as it is not available at our local Needle Shop.

Have a nice weekend , friends :-)


Yati said...

Beautiful, kak Salmi. Memang hebat hasil tangan akak. Suka Yati tengok.

Salmi said...

Terima kasih yati :-)

Salmi said...

Terima kasih yati :-)