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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Busy Bee

Wild Women: Work by Judy Kaufman

Woman works never ends at home and office. I am mentally drained and physically tired. People are ringing me on the proposal that need to be prepared, children are buzzing me on their homework and assignments and hubby needs attention too. I have been managed to adjust my time to cope with housework and office work since my maid did not come back. My children are now coping well without someone who has been with them for the past 8 years. After almost 2 years, we received a phone call from her that she is now in Kuala Lumpur and trying to get her job back with us, DH was firmly reject her application. I don’t understand, she simply come and go as she likes…no way. I had to pay a penalty for not canceling her work permit in her passport, my BG forfeited, waste money on renewal work permit and her returned ticket. I have lost a lot and yet she till have the guts to ask for a job from us.

I had called up IIU today to find out about the law courses. I was contemplating whether to pursue for a MBA or to enroll for Company Law courses. Most probably I will enroll for the CiCA in this coming June. The duration is only 10 months and to attend class once a week during the weekend…sounds interesting. Hurm...lesser time for stitching *wink*.


fds said...

hummm.. less stitching so more stashing ke...?

fds said...

apa pun ur choice. best of luck...