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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Please Communicate....

Customer Service

I was pissed off with the XX department today. The incident that happens is just because people fail to communicate. How many times that I have to go to this XX department until I can do it correctly. Don’t tell me that I don’t know how to read. I can read but I don’t really understand what they want. I did ask and they did reply but, -- refuse to communicate properly and just saying..just refer to the checklist and the explanation, what ever is not related.. don’t submit”. The word seems discourage people from asking further. If you don’t like to deal with people, then please don’t sit at the counter because your bad attitude caused a problem to other people.

Once I reached the office, a dear friend had sent me a private message concerning the gift that she had send to me via the POS LAJU. Again, I was pathetic to understand that Mr. Postman DID NOT LEAVE any card for me to claim the parcel at the nearby Post Office when he had failed to deliver it to me. Again, the communication had failed. I do hope someday they will realize that communication is one of the important factor if you want to provide an excellent service to your customer.

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