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Friday, April 20, 2007

Mother's Day Gift Exchange

Walla!..finally the treasure box is almost ready to be mailed out. In addition to the stash, I am stitching a small gifts for Angel in Labuan. I should have completed it last week but I had to put in on hold because of my sore eyes. It is a small box which I bought from the nearby local book shop. I wish I can make one handmade box but I dont have much time and knowledge in producing I decided to buy it, please don't think about someone..when you are looking at the signature printed on this box..*wink..wink*

Today, I had received a new member in my gifts basket. Its a pumpkin pinchusion from Mus in Penang. Thank you mus, it's a wonderful gifts for mother's day. We are admiring the beauty of the pumpkin pincushion..We? and the 3 girls. *wink*.

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aroza said...

wah..ibu pun dah ready nak mail out the MDSE ye....full of stash in the box.....mine not ready yet..

bestnye tgk sume tu dok lepak dlm basket ibu...hehehhe