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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Antique Rose and mystery brown spot

It is irritating to see those brown spot suddenly exists on your framed masterpiece *wink*. I am wondering what will happen to all my framed xstitch in the next 10 years. I am still looking for the X factor that had caused this culprit spot. I had send both for framing at the same time but strange that the spot did not exist on the framed Peony. I always told my framer not to use glue on the fabric for framing purposes. Sometimes looking at those spots just makes me want to remove the fabric from the frame, wash it and then re framed it.But I am not sure if that will help and who knows, the spot might be appeared again. The answer to this brown spot is still a mystery to me.


Pinchesska said... saja nk nyakat ni..jahit la backstitch kat brown spot tu..kasik dia masuk in the family..dia feel left out tu..ekekeke

Salmi said...

ahahahah...hurm..kekadang kat jahitan xstitch tu pun dia ada gak..esp yang lama2 yang countryside view me buat tu.ada gak notice brown spot kat atas benang..geram tul tengok spot tu..rasa cam nak buat lain jer..heh..heh..heh