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Friday, April 06, 2007

My Stitching Disaster

Porcelain Treasures by Linda Bird - I like everything displayed in the pattern. It's blue and white china platter, coffee pot, cup and saucer, a vase and a bowl. I also love the hydrangeas flower but was never success in planting the flower..LOL.

The disaster happens when I was about to complete the chart. I have done almost 80% of the chart when I realized that I had wrongly measured the fabric width. I don’t have enough space for framing and to stitch the end of the flower. It makes me so frustrated. Over the years, I have learned the correct ways in measuring the fabric and not just by assuming. I had to put it aside and leave it as a treasure for me to learn from my mistakes.


Pinchesska said...

owh...what a pity!!
Ibu Salmi..penah try tak sambungkan kain tu dgn another piece exactly the same color and the same kotak.Sambungkan pelan2 so that the kotak betul2 terletak sepadan dgn yg satu lagi. I have done this before..juz that kat tmpt bertemu tu dia tebal sikit la bila nak stitch.Then bila dah frame..tak nampak sangat jahitan tu sbb dok kat dinding..kena melangut nk tengok..ekekeek

Salmi said...

ermmm..ain pun pernah suggest jugak buat mcm tu. Tapi tak terfikirlak nak sambung bebetul kat kotak tu kan..thanks for the suggestion..muahhhsss.

Reen said...

Ibu, very cantik. Why don't use another material(mayb plain coloured or felt) for the back b4 u frame. then u tarik benang (fray eh)the xs material cam buat bookmark tu. hope u understand maksud akak.

Salmi said...

ye kak, understand what you mean..thanks. buat masa nie lum lagi nak menyambung.."wink"..tunggu mood datang balik..*smile*