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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Menu for today...

I was in the cooking mood, so I had cooked the Chicken Beriani. The cooking process itself tooks us about 3 hours while eating is only 30 minutes..LOL..lucky that DH is helping me cooking the Dalca while I am preparing the Beriani and also the acar. Thanks to Auntie B for the recipe. I had a small argument with DH while preparing for this Beriani, in the recipe stated --to use a curry powder but DH wants me to substitute it with Beriani powder..hurmm..I still wants to follow the recipe exactly as it is..since I knew..DH always like to modified the recipe. I did not substitute the beriani powder but then DH insist me to put the beriani powder into the rice..LOL..he keeps trying..okay its fair.. I put a little bit beriani powder in the rice ..just to make him shut up and happy..*wink*. The taste is worth.. for 3 hours of cooking time. Enjoy..

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