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Monday, May 07, 2007

Thank you - Min

Today, I am happily dancing when received a wonderful gifts and stash from Yasmin who is my partner for the MDSE at XstitchesNXchanges Group. Min had stitched me a lovely pinkeep with strawberry motifs.

Min also sends me varieties of fabrics ranging from linen, aida and cotton.

and more, more items, such as DMC threads, Mini kits, chipboard bobbin, dmc needles, umbrella loop hole button, DIY frame and bookmarks..huh such a long list..*smile*

Thanks a lot Min...*I am very touched to receive all kinds of wonderful gifts from you*. Happy Mothers Day to you, and to all my dear frens.


Ladybeads said...

cantik2 semua...akak, buh la itu chatter box..senang skit nak terjah..he he he

Reen said...

very lucky, bertambah la koleksi fabric u.

Yasmin said...
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Yasmin said...

I'm glad you like them..Enjoy your stash :))