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Friday, May 04, 2007

Stitching Blues..

Now, JE Friendship-SAL has officially start. This will takes approximately 8 months to finish as per set target. Being as a Puan Organiser, I should create a good mood and example so that all my stitching buddies will sustain the good mood till the finishing stitch. However, I don’t feel like stitching in these few days. I’m still on holiday mood..*smile*..

I try to push myself on SAL track, after seeing my stitching frens had stitched something on their fabric, I picked the needles, and do a lazy gridding on my way of doing it, stitch one backstitch on every 10, 20 or 30 box...suka-suka hati me je buat. I know my frens will laugh at my gridding..LOL. I managed to stitch few lines before my focus and attention deviate to the television, browsing to internet and reading the Impiana magazines..LOL. I am enjoying the moment of doing these leisure activities since completing my study this year.

To all my SAL frens happy stitching, enjoy and I will catch up with you all soon !

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