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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Martabak Crackers

Weekend is my DH days off and my turn to tie on the apron.*wink*. He usually cook our weekdays meal while I am taking care of the house chores. These are our agreed daily routines since we decided not to employ a new maid. Even though it is a bit tiring since both of us are working but we are happy keeping it this way. I must admit that DH cooks better than me..LOL..because he loves cooking. He told me that during his school holiday, he used to assist his mother when they operated a canteen business at school and company, so from there he learns cooking.

When I went to visit my SIL last week, she had baked us a tasty Cream Craker Martabak. She had bought one of the Asmah Laili’s cooking book and decided to give a try for this recipe. I had obtained the recipe from DianaA blog and agreed with my SIL that it is simple and easy to prepare especially for a working mum like me. My dear friend..Bon Appetite!.

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