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Thursday, July 05, 2007

S-A-L and CT

Update on SAL - JE

Hello to all my SAL buddies..congrats on your progress and keep up the good work. I am struggling to progress mine as being very busy lately be it in the office or at home. I am also participating on the ongoing bookmark exchanged organized by our XSNXC group, just want to try something that I had never done before. Ain as our PO, had choosen the oriental theme which is something interesting to explore and challenge individual creativity.

Carries Thread

I had bought a few Carrie Thread from the Sanguine Store. I love all the colors but have not yet decide for which chart to stitch or when to use it. For the time being, I just staring and admiring it ..*wink*..sometimes by just looking at the colors of the thread, I can temporarily forget about the problems that I had in the office...LOL..yeah problems will never ends but we must know how to deal with it. Stitching is always my stress therapy.


Umisma said...

sal,tu baru tgk threds,kakUmi tengok threds,ribbons,kain lagi gila jadinye,I just love colors

tiger said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.