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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Stitching Update

Here is my SAL progress. Overall I am quite satisfy with the progress eventhough I knew mine is far behind as compared to others *grin*. At least its moving. Now I had to put all my WIP under rotation so that each WIP will have some progress. I had to find whatever time available for me to speed up the progress thus my stitching places is everywhere, sometimes in the car, on the bench near the swimming pool while waiting for my DD swimming lesson or during midnight while sitting next to DD who is doing her last minute revision (ha tu la..takde maknanyer asyik mengadap youtube tuh). Congrats to index who had finished it recently and to the rest my stitching buddies keep up the good work.

This is another new WIP – Pots of Flower by MP. What is detour, I don’t have any plan to stitch a new chart because I have lot of unfinished project aging more than a year (tau takpe) but I was so tense and stress out lately that makes me feel like to stitch something new (alasan nak menambah UFO). I had attended a lot of complaint through a phone call or sms at day and night, even memalam buta time nak tido pun kene phobia!!. At the brighter side, congestion indicate that you are getting more customer *wink*(nie kata my sifu –Ah Chong, miss you..hahaha) and thanks to god for make it easy for me now. I have learn a lot from this business, we had surpass the first 5 years critical stage, and I hope our business will still exist in the next 5 years, god willing.

On EMS, currently I am concentrating on the winter scene. Eventhough the thread colors is not colorful but I like it. Rasa nyaman dan sejuk ja stitching this scene..LOL..(it reminds me the nice weather in Amman)..Cannot think anymore..coz my head is already heavy..feels tired and sleepy..zzzzzz

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Ruth said...

I completely understand having no time for stitching. There just seems so much to do every day. But you have some beautiful stitching in process. I can't wait to see your progress. :) Thanks for an entertaining blog!