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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Kit and New Chart

Hello All,

My stitching progress, JE-SAL, MP and EMS-4 seasons, move at a snail pace. Hopefully I will be able to catch-up with my SAL buddies on the progress by end of this month. Furthermore, I am waiting for my Qsnap extension from Jean of NLL which should be arrive anytime now since my JE-Sal need a bigger time, buy time to continue my SAL..*wink*

Coming this weekend, my grandfather will be admitted for minor operation while dear SIL will be undergoing for a kidney transplant. She donates one of her kidney to her doter which has been suffering a kidney problem since she was 4 years old. I pray and hope that the transplant will be smooth and success so that my niece pain and suffer for almost 9 years will end and lead a normal life without having so many restriction on physical activities and dieting. God willing.

Recently I had bought a new kit by Dimension Gold - The Oriental Splendor. If you browse my labels under the framed xstitch, I already have 2 finished design by dimension gold which is the Brilliant Butterfly and Dragonfly scroll. This, definitely will be my next year project or year..*grin*. Now, scratching my head..where to hang it since most of my wall almost occupied by the framed xstitch..errmmm...18 framed xstitch...*rolling my eyes*

I dont know how I got into this new interest on SAMPLER. I come accross this beautiful chart while flipping the xstitch mag and immediately fall in love with this beautiful Peaceful Garden by Moira Blackburn...hurm... love at first sight ????..*sigh*..*sigh*.


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fds said...

Tu la Kasih ibu membawa ke syurga. uwaaaa i miss my mommmmmmmmyyyy.

Apapun semoga SIL ibu dan anaknye selamat. InsyaAllah.

cantik the dimension. yes ibu memang suka kat dimension kan. memang yg first 2 dimension kit tu memang cantik.

yang Moira tu bila lak nak buat? Good Luck

Salmi said...

TQ.Tu la my SIL tu memang penyabar betul..hampir 9 tahun berulang alik sepital..dah mcm rumah ke 2.

yurp, mmg fav dimension esp chart yg ada oriental and english items.

Moira ek, nak cari kain dulu, rasanya tak sanggup nak jahit atas aida yg banyak fleks tu..ape ek name..hahahahaa..lupe lah...

fds said...