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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Pinkeep Exchange - 2007

Hello All

I am glad that my partner - Index had received a Pinkeep that I stitched for her before she moves to Kelantan for good. Hope she likes it and will be able to online once everything is settle down. Thanks to my MissFedex@Musliha for ByHand delivery. This Bee Pinkeep charts is from TGOS stitched on 28ct lugana using a Carrie Thread.

This is a Pretty Cottage Pinkeep that I received from my partner Sis Ros. Thanks sis, I love the cottage chart that you had stitched for me and also for the DMC Variation.

This is my first Mattress Pincushion. I am not really happy with the result. Still need to improve on the finishing. It’s quite difficult for me to join the border with top and bottom pieces. I have to carefully count the thread with my old eyes since I am stitching on Lugana which I am not familiar and good at..(I am ardent fan of Aida)..LOL. Anyway I am glad that I managed to finished it..*smile*

Finally, this one year old UFO turns to a Finished Object..Yay !. An ornament – Rossie Tussie Mussie for XSnXC PO treasure chest. Hope the recipient will like it.


Yasmin said...

Sweet sangat, Mulanya saya ingat scissors keeper..:))

Yasmin said...

Both pinkeeps are lovely !! Your matress pincushion is great for a first.Tahniah!

Salmi said...

Thanks Min, masa assemble tu pun dah terpikir boleh jadi scissors keeper :))..urghhh..that matress tak berapa cantik la min..not like put backing fabric ke kat dalam tu?..mine nampak mcm tak tegap..:))

Yasmin said...

Hi, I tak letak backing fabric.. cuma I guna a long piece of batting then I lipat jadi empat segi ikut size stitched piece and them jahit tepi batting loosely. I rasa cam ni baru matt picushion nampak tegap.