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Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Machine with Anxiety

This is my first sewing machine. I am very happy with this gift but still have the anxiety to use this machine. I seldom use a sewing machine and have a tendecy to broke the needle or make the thread stuck under the bobbin..these scenario is common whenever I am using my mom's sewing machine *LOL*.

This is the latest Singer Model 2624 come with new features such as Automatic Needle Threader but I found it a bit confusing and took myself and Ain to understand and learn this new feature for more than 20 minutes *LOL* (manual thread insert is much faster, I think).

My first sewing project will be a window curtain for my living and master bedroom (besarnyer hajat..hahahaha), I do have planned to enroll for curtain/soft finishing class this year and still looking for a suitable class and schedule. On my stitching update, currently I am working on my EMS 4 seasons and few others WIP/UFO. Progress is at a slow pace..this time rotation does not work because when I am lazy, I prefer to stitch something that is easy and straight forward..LOL..will update the photo later.

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