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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rose Sampler and Tatting

Rose Sampler by LHN
stitched on 28ct Ivory Lugana
using DMC thread

I managed to stitched this sweet and cute design by LHN in one week, in between baking a cookies for Chinese New Year order, office works, house works and tatting..LOL..seems that I fully utilize my multitasking skills which I have not been practising for sometimes after finishing my study. Actually, when I am worried about something, I will make myself really busy so that I will not keep thinking and worrying about it or else, I am afraid that my panic attack will come back. I have not experience any attack for the past 2 years. I dont like taking any pills and my own way to overcome this problems is just exercise and it helps a lot...opsss stitching too *wink*.

Here is my tatting progress as a beginner..*blush*..Ihanks soo much to Fauziah/Dania's mom for her guidance and time, shuttle and thread (very kind teacher). Will make full use of it until I can flip and picot smoothly.


The Newborn Scrapper said...

Ibu, rose sampler tu freebie LHN ke?

Salmi said...

Hi Honey, nope, yang tu chart ordered from NLL..*wink*..