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Monday, March 31, 2008

Chrysanthemum, 5th Day of December

Finally, after many times of ripping and frogging, I managed to forced myself to complete this 5th day of December snowflakes. Initially, I thot that this design is simple, is simple..but I have to learn two new techniques which are false picot and false chain. Once arrived at this technique..I make mistakes after mistakes...then frogging and last resort is ripping (to reduce the headache)...*LOL*..until managed to do it in a correct way. Ooopss notice that there is one mistake there..*wink*. Thanks to Ain and Dania, for helping me on this design.

Design : 5th Day of December Snowflakes - Lene Bjorn
Method: One Shuttle, Thread
Yarn : Variegated Floretta no 10
Yippe !! Finally I managed to make one doily for the size about 6.5 Inch. I am delighted after completing this piece. It is a sweet personal achievement for me. Now I am addicted to it already..*LOL*

Design : Chrysanthemum - Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson
Yarn: Floretta Ecru, No 10
Method : one shuttle, ball thread

As promised to angel, here are some of my collectible one cup teapot. I have been obsessed with teapot for quite some times but budget limitation is always the main constraint. It was available at Janine many years ago but not at my affordable price. Now, I dont see this type of teapot at Janine anymore, thus I had to search for it from ebay. The experience from the seller was good and one of them mentioned to me that he has been to Sepang and race there..(pssttt..I never been there yet..*blush*..)

Washing Machine Teapot - Cardew
Size : One Cup

Tea Shop Counter - Cardew
Size: One Cup
For almost two months I think, I have not updating on my cross stitching be fair I will be updating on my few WIP in my next entry..hint..hint.. my 4 season ems, cup and saucer, the mega Dimension. Till then, happy stitching, stashing, decorating and sewing to everyone.

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