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Friday, March 21, 2008


I have been tagged by Hani, so here it is the mode 5 Blogger

5 things found in my handbag
  • Purse

  • Handphone

  • Lipstick and moisturizer with SPF (I really need to used it due to my extensive traveling)

  • Receipts (toll, stationeries, petrol)

  • office key with a whistle key chain

5 things found in my favorite purse

  • membership card (bookstore, JJ, Tesco, Isetan, Metrojaya, CraftWorld, ha ha ha..I love Shopping and Stashing)

  • Medical Card (mine and all DD’s)

  • Currency Notes from countries that I had visited (love to keep them as a souvenir)

  • Some cash and lots of coins (easy to pay toll and parking)

  • ID Card and Driving License

5 favorite things in my room

  • Television and VCD

  • Denise Austin, Belly dance and Yoga CD

  • Cooking Books (Belongs to DH) and Decoration Magazines

  • Fella Sofa

  • Aromatherapy Burner
5 things i’ve always wanted to do -
  • spend more time with my DD's

  • Reading

  • gardening

  • Sewing a curtain and cushion cover

  • traveling

5 things I’m currently into

  • Cross stitching

  • Tatting and Ribbon Embroidery

  • Collecting Collectible Plates and One Cup Teapot

  • Decorating (my living and dining need to be repainting)

  • Exercising – start my morning walk again for 45 minutes daily

5 people i'm going to tag

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