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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Another Chart by Dimensions

On my xstitch, the momentum is getting slower since I have been so busy with office works and all my children will be having their mid-term examination in 2 weeks time. As usual, apart from the tuition class, I still giving them additional home tutoring. From there I will be able to see and understand their progress and how well they absorb the information that they had learned from school. Sambil2 tu tanya lah apa masalah kat sekolah, cikgu mana best, cikgu mana garang, ada boyfren ke tak, ada secret admirer ke, ada suka kat sape2 ker and as usuall the answer is NO ..*wink*...hahaha jgn tak tau me suka menyakat dorang.

I have started the Oriental Splendour Kit by Dimension, hurmm look at the chart, it was big. This kit comes with 18ct Aida which I personally think the box is quite small for my old eyes especially in stitching this big and meticulous design, 48 numbers of threads, 70 different kind of symbols indicate the number of times that you have to change the thread. **Wish Me Luck**.

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Asmahani said...

well, very, very nice design. here you go.. "GOOD LUCK SIS!"