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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rose Teacup/Saucer - an update

Here is the progress of my two teacups. I am left with few more stitches and more on tedious backstitch, especially on the flower, bit complicated like a maze game in order to make the petals stands out nicely. I had made a little mistake, or should I say, suka hati jer jahit *LOL*..the teacup edging and holder thread, was supposed to be blend with gold filament. Errmmm..(thinking) how come I had overlooked this *sigh*. I only realized it after Ain pointed it out to me because she had seen the finished design at the LNS, in Shahzan Tower, Kuantan. When I refer to the chart again, oh YES, it should be blend with gold filament. But I think its okay with me since I had experienced blending gold filament with the normal thread, usually delayed my stitching progress, as the gold filament are bit messy to handle but no doubt that the turn out are always beautiful. You may look at my earlier posting on the Brilliant butterfly that had used extensively gold filament blending.

Last weekend, I went to Fella Design Furnishing shop in Taman Maluri, Cheras to look for a remnant. Fella is having a moving out sale and they are selling the remnants at RM10-30 per piece depending on the type of fabric. They have lots of remnants ranging from floral design, stripes and checkers (make me so rambang mata), but I had opted for stripes. Earlier, I had bought a ready made cushion cover during the Sogo Sales, but I feels that it does not goes well with the two teacup. Still indecisive which fabric to use, so lets rolling the dice and mari-mari kita lihat siapa yang kena

I am thinking to stitch a leaves border around the teacup, but I’m afraid, it will make the design looks crowded. What say you? ...*wink*


Yasmin said...

lama tak ziarah blog you... comel banget teacup and saucer niii

Salmi said...

Min, sibuk yea..thanks for drop by, ..thanks for the compliments..