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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Welcome Home, cutie kitty

DH's uncle gave us this hybrid boy kitten when we visit him for Eid Celebration today. Initially Uncle Udin is having a tough time to decide the new owner of this kitten. Both DH and his sister want to have it. However, since my SIL already have 6 cats at home, uncle Udin decided to gave this kitten to DH and of course he is happy (berbaloi la kan coz dok follow uncle udin masuk kebun keluar kebun..melobi la tu..hahahaha) SIL pun time yerr..Kak L*t..hiksss...
It is about 2 months old and we are yet to decide it's name. Let's see how big he can grow since it's father size is about 2.5 times of the local cat. That was the first time I saw such a big cat, and uncle Udin was unsured about its breed since it was a gift from his ex-boss before he returned to United States for good. Me and sara just so so with cat..suka pun tak, tak suka pun tak..semenjak azali kalau nak pegang for sure sikit2 rasa geli gituuu..unlike DH, Shahirah and Tena, all of them loves cat...meowwww.


Marie said...

an adorable little cat !!

Salmi said...

absolutely, marie !..thank you :-)