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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Chair Pad

My first attempt to do this chair pad has been successful..*ear to ear grin* this project is save from being thrown into my dustbin..*LOL*. This chair pad is for my dining chair. I will need to sew 6 pcs and so far I had completed 2 pcs. I had bought the fabric-- I am fan of elyza fabric, few months back with intention to sew the chair pad before raya but, as usual my project always goes beyond the target date (yang terbabas masuk tong sampah pun ada..hiks) except for any exchanges with my stitching friends..*wink*.
Thank you for visiting and leaving a comments. For those who continue for the 6 days fasting in the month of Syawal, selamat berpuasa.


PinkyrosesCottage said...

Salam sis.....Salam lebaran khas buat you & family.....

Sis, cantik la your chairpad...well very done indeed!

Salmi said...

Salam Zai..thanks..salam lebaran to zai and family too !

PinkyrosesCottage said...

no worries sis....da abiz berayer ke blum?

Lamer tak nmpk akak kat WMC? BZ ke?

Salmi said...

salam zai,yup bz la sekarang..mana ngan keje opis..keje hobby..erkkk..tercekik..ngan masa..
raya lum abis lagi zai..ada banyak lagi rumah lum pegi esp sebelah DH...abis la gumuks balik lepas nie..makan..makan..makan...*wink*