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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Bakery Shop - is under construction

It‘s show off time ! *wink*…another CCN is on the way. Ermm, I love every single character in the chart except the DMC thread alternatives suggested in the chart. The alternatives thread makes the end results looks pale to me as compared with the picture shown in the chart. Anyway, will continue with the available thread and hopefully it will looks better when completed.

I thot with the alternatives by DMC thread, I can save a bit since CC thread is quite expensive and its not available here. I will have to place order with Joanna in Singapore and needless to say that I am pleased with her service since I received all the threads in 3 working days.

Btw, I had finished my needlworker (too) and I will upload the photo once it is frame.

Have a great stitching day ahead !


Musliha said...

wah.. sakan stitch ok..
cayalah ibu.. lawa giler..

Lindt said...

cantiklah. tak lama lg siap tu... boleh buka bakery hehee