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Monday, December 01, 2008

Take a Bow

I don’t exactly remember when I started this bow project, it has been left to “hibernate” comfortably in my drawer for many moons *LOL*. I purposely left this project in my office so that I can stitch it during my lunch time, however I don’t have time for it since I seldom had my lunch break thus the progress is very very slow. Better continue to stitch it before it’s start to mereput..*wink* . Need to get back to my work…Daaa

To all my muslim friends and Readers, Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidiladha.


Musliha said...

lawa itu bow..
buat ibu sebelum dia makan diri sendiri.. hikss.. go ibu go..

aZie said...

nice bow..
i bought this bow many many years back, and now still lying nicely in my stitching box.. kena start warm up nih..

ina said...

salam sal..

bow mcm tu pun ada jual ek
so sal cuma buat stitch je ke..

I've never heard and see this bow before..naif nya pasal xstitch ni..huhu

Salmi said...

Salmi - Mus

uwaaaa..malas tahap gaban taww nak menjahit bow nie..sbb belakang takleh tutup ngan frame..hehehe..kena jahit ngan kemas...adehhh

Azieee..lamanyer tak nampak ..must be busy ya..esp work in new company kan..bila nak mula stitching balik..?..happy stitching


Salam kak, yg itu kit means that kain tu dah siap2 untuk buat bow, memang tinggal jahit peten je atas tu..benang pun ada dia kasi..siap ngan jarum bagai..takpe kak slow2 belajar..lelama mesti pandaii...

aZie said...

he he.. me ada.. a bit slow down on my stitching. tapi now dah start balik by cuba clearing all backlogs.

i now dah 3 mths jadik full time housewife, tapi project still banyak tak siap2.. *sigh*