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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Posy of Flowers

I only started to sew it last week, after my SIL had reminded me about her orders. SIL had asked me to sew few pillows and bed runners for her son wedding which is supposed to be in this coming August..but then..just now she called me to informed that it has been postponed to next year without any firm date...hurmmm..this was the third time that the wedding date has been changed..*sigh* weyyy..korang nie nak kawin ke tak nak nieeee...hikkkssss.

To make my life easy..hehehehe..I am adapting a design from A-Z Ribbon Embroidery book called Posy Of Flowers - by Helen Eriksson. So now my problem is to find a right color combo for this peach theme...*wink*

Happy stitching everyone !

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Pinchesska said...

salmi..shantekk...lembut jer karer...