Thank you, Beautiful people :-)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Home of a Needleworker, too!

Ermmm..when was the last time that I sent my finished xstitch for framing..*thinking*..maybe few years back..*wink*. Indeed, this LHN chart is beautiful and looking at it makes me feel a great satisfaction for this small achievement.

This is what I am busy at for the past few weeks. I had done this before, but just love to do it again. It's a request from a friend and I am stiching another LHN chart too..opsss..hiksss...shall update on the next entry.

Happy Crafting, to all my frens and readers out there..XOXO


Musliha said...

mus nak kenyit2 mata kat home of needle work tuh.. muahaha..
i wish i had one..
ooooo.. bila boleh stitch ni..
rindu nak stitching..

LiNdT said...

wohoo cantik! My stitching kena slow down sikit...sbb ada budak tu suka 'gigit' chart :( Pantang nampak kertas...

ieta said...

sukernyer saya tgk org yg beseni ni..teringin gak nak cba2..camne nak wat cross stitch tu ekk..n kat mane leh dptkan barang2 ner..