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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Be Creative

Hello everyone !

It's April and its time for DDs to be creative for their school project. They are required to make a Mother's Day card for their "sivik" subject. I always look forward this fun activities where I can sit down together with them browsing the online shop to look for the suitable paper, flip through the craft/card magazine for an inspiration and ideas before producing a simple, sweet and meaningful card.

Since Scrap and Crop having a clearance sale -- 10-40% off for selected patterned paper and ribbon, we are happily clicking and add the sale items into our shopping cart..huhuhuhu. Here are some of our purchase...

(I looooveee this Springtime in Paris fabric paper by Michael Miller..(I think it will goes into my sayang nak guna list..definitely, maybe..hiksss)

The shopping list are now completed and it's now card making time *wink*. Happy crafting everyone !


Hida said...

hmmm...lawa2nya...boleh buat awning dak? opppst itu paper ye?

Salmi said...

hi kakda..ekcelli, DD pun cakap mcm tu..dia kata "ibu paper fabric nie,kalau wat awning tudung pun lawaaa..hiks..

peace said...

"my sayang nak guna list" ;-) I love that term ... saya pun ada items yg sayang nak guna, sayang nak buang...he he he...sudahnya..buat menyemak meja je...kih kih kih