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Monday, June 01, 2009

Tatted Fan Bookmark

DH has been asked me to tat him few pieces of bookmark for his textbook *wink* and this is my 2nd tatted bookmark which DH named as Kipas Udang (mana pulak mcm lambang kipas kat botol kicap tu kan..hiks). Above pattern is available here. I had picked this design because it is simple and faster to complete but I found it quite small for his text book.

Hurmm..maybe I should add paper clip so that he can just slip it at the page that he wants to mark. More bookmark is on the way and I am drooling to tat a flower scmr bookmark by Jane Eborall. Wish me luck to explore this new technique.


peace said...

Salmi, I wish you can teach me tatting. Ada buat kelas kelas ke?

Salmi said...

salam nik, I have no problem to teach you BUT for basic ajer cos I pun still banyak lagi yang kena belajar.

Neway, I would suggest you ambik tatting class dengan tatting sifu, sis jon can visit her blog at memang buat kelas tatting.