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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cottage Garden Series by Royal Albert

Left: Summer scene, Right: Autumn scene

As requested by Eva, sorry dear, I took so long to upload the photo for you. Here is my personal collectible plate collection. I have a set of cottage garden year series produced in 1984 and a pair of secret garden series produced in 1993. All of these items are bought one piece at one time from ebay UK. I never have a chance to win the bid when the seller listed the plates in set of 2 or 4..*sigh* because most bidders will look for a set so that they can save shipping cost for combine items.
Left: Spring scene, Right: Winter scene

It took me approximately 2 years in completing the set of cottage garden series as I have to patiently wait for a reasonable offer price and shipping cost. Enough of plates, I guess ..*sigh* as I don’t have available space for new addition..*wink*.

Left: Secret Garden - The fountain, Right: Secret Garden - The Gardener's Cottage
Happy Viewing!


rossana said...

salam sal....cantiknya gambar cottage kt plate tu...rege dia pun sure cantik gak....

Eva said...

kak, kalau me, benda mahal dan cantik gini kan, tak berani nak buat display...kakuttt jatuh..sayanggg..

HazCottageCHaRm said...

Salam too lurrve this collections he he kiter tengah kumpul duit ....marvelles eh the design

HazCottageCHaRm said...

Salam too lurrve this collections he he kiter tengah kumpul duit ....marvelles eh the design

Salmi said...

Salam Kak, lama kita tak sembang. Kita suka sbb kaler dia pastel and lembut2 gitu. Price tu subjective la kak, murah pada kita, mbe mahal pada orang lain..plate tu ada yang as low as RM30 and as high as RM60 per piece termasuk shipping. Popular plate yang autumn tu..payah nak dapat opening price lower than 5 pound.

Eva, memang kena cari tempat selamat dan stabil nak display..hikss..sib baik DD seme dah besar2. Kalau masa kecik2, harus me tak letak..kang kena baling ngan bantal busuk ke, botol susu ke..huaaaaaa..

Hai Hanim, thanks for drop by. yep design dia memang mabeles and the kaler is soft pastel and sweet je. collect jgn tak collect tau..

Reen said...

Nice plates. Quite reasonable kan the price.

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