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Friday, July 17, 2009

Butterflies Rhapsody

I had stitched these two pairs charming butterflies long time ago. The chart is from The Countryside in Cross Stitch by Christina Marsh.

Few years later, when I saw Butterfly Collection books by Cross My Heart Inc, it had whetted my appetite to stitch another butterfly chart. I also bought 110cm x 150cm wool Afghan from H&W because I plan to stitch as per book cover and I was imagined for-- a tablecloth.

My plan did not work well..*sigh* as I found the Afghan is soft like a wool blanket and the boxes are quite big, maybe 5ct or 6ct (uishhh..dah tersalah pilih type of Afghan). I then put off the plan to stitch the butterfly motiff on it and decided to go for small runner for my side table using Aida fabric. Well, this one too has been under my UFO list for quite sometimes..*wink*.

My passion for butterfly continues with fine porcelain. When portmeirion introduced their butterfly collection few years back, I had bought the dinner plate and a small bowl. What I loves about portmeirion botanic garden, you can always mix and match them and you can find butterfly at each of the design..walla!

Butterflies motif are inside and outside of this small bowls..are'nt they generous ?..I likee!

Till then, Happy stashing, stitching and crafting. Lots of love from Me. XOXOXOXO to all my friends and readers.


DiahRothman said...


Always in love with butterfly but
so far have none quilted yet!
Lovely works, dear. Have a nice weekends.

Reen said...

cantik sungguh. your xs & plate n bowls. Jealous nye..

amelia_abubakar said...

Kak Salmi....walla...cantikkk aaa.... Nice sgt2....

Yati said...

cantik runner tu! :)

nurazimah said...

Imah pun minat rerama..cantik runner tu..kalaulah imah leh buat sume sekelip mata...????

Salmi said...

Salam KDee, thanks for the sweet notes..muahsss

Kak reen, thanks..jgn la jeles..akaknyer butterfly iteww lagi cantikkk wat me geramm jee..

Hi amy, thanks amy...jom stitch butterfly pulak..

Salam Yati thanks...aishhh ni kena siapkan nie...*wink*

Salam imah, yer kan imah, kalau ada magic needle ke, jahit sehari boleh siap..kan bagus..takde la menambun2 akaknyer WIP...hehehehe..nampak ajer yg suka..terus nak buat, yg tengah buat tinggal..adehhhhh