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Monday, July 06, 2009

Bookmark with Overlapping Chain

This is my 2nd attempt to tat this boomark. On my first attempt, I realized that I had made a mistake (dang!..besar taw kesalahan tu) which left me with one choice (to throw it) after I had almost completed the 2nd row..('s daunting).

Well..what have I done?. Poor me, I mean my brain *wink*. I had ignored the instruction NOT TO JOIN the ring (I'm not thinking straight..hiks)...aha!..because if you joined it, you cannot do the overlapping..(erks!).

I need a break, my mind has been crowded with all kind of news, long to do lists at office and home, worrying about somebody's health *sigh*. Anyone wants to join me for an ice cream sundae?..which flavors do you like? chocolate? Neopolitan? Rocky Road ?Butter Pecan or Vanilla...Me?..I want them all *LOL*.

The above pattern is available from sis jon's pattern blog.

Happy Sewing, tatting and crafting everyone ..XOXO


LiNdT said...

nampak mcm susah je.. tak tercapai akalku nak buat mcm tu... Guna 1 shuttle pun terkial2 lg ni hehe. Kaler benang cantik...mcm paddlepop... yummy...! :P

Reen said...

Entah knape belum nak tat bookmark. skrg asyik buat phone accessory je.

Yelda said...

Ellerine sağlık Çok güzel olmuş

FA said...

wow weee..kakk..halus nyerr..tengok pun tau susah gila nak buat..ishh..cantik ahh

kakyon said...

halusnya mie..berapa lama mie ambil masa nak siapkan..

***Jon**** said...

Wah! so colourful, benang apa tu? Glad you finally figured it out. It is looking good.

Salmi said...

Salaam buat semua,

Lindt - aiyoo memula memang takleh imagine taww..pastu bila dah buat kan baru tau..memang mencabar betul..hiks..ha ah kaler dia mmg cantik.

kak, phone accessory pun nanti me nak try..very tempting to do it

Yelda, thanks

Fa, thanks a bunch, tatting quite fun to do..wanna try? *smile*

Kakyon, thanks kak, benang tu memang yang saya biasa guna, ada lagi halus tapi kalau salah buat nanti satu hal nak cungkil balik..tu sbb biasa amik yg no 20. buatnyer tu adalah 2 minggu kak, sambil2 je tu..

Thanks sis jon, I really appreciate your comments. I am using manuela 204.