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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Cuppies for my thumb

Hello and salaams to all my blog readers

I have been very busy lately. Cluttered papers is fighting for space on my desk and I just don't know when and where to time management is very poor now because I am too tired to get organized *wink*. Doing my work at two different places requires frequent and long traveling time. We are now in December *blink..blink* and that mean I am left with 30 days before the New Year comes, to clear my desk and finished all pending task so that I can start a New Year - fresh.

Alhamdulillah, our company will be 10 years in January 2010. I still remember when we have to struggle during the inception of the business. We have to be very prudent as our source of capital is 100% self financing. It is difficult to convince a local bank to finance large amount of capital for a new ICT business model due to difficulty for them to evaluate the viability of the project without existing reference locally.

We are only a small company with few number of staff and it is meaningful to me when we able to provide employment eventhough only for a few people and they have been with us till present - thanks to my employee. My pray and hope, our company will be able to survive under the current rough economy and continue to expand and financially stable. Insyallah

Thanks to wanie, her lovely felt cup cakes is a solution that I can think of to keep my thumb drive for easy finding. Talked about innovation, I wish somebody can invent a chip that can be attached to this thumbdrive holder so that I can paging it via my handphone for easy searching..*LOL*

Till next entry, have a beautiful day ahead and take care.


Yati said...

Untuk bertahan bisnes ICT selama 10 tahun bukan senang. Abang ipar Yati pun company IT, dia terpaksa retrench orang tak lama dulu. Semoga bisnes Kak Salmi terus maju! :)

Mrs. Fedex said...

semoga ibu cepat clearkan semua serabuts paper itu ya..
and praying for ur success too..

Asmahani said...

Tahniah ibu. Semoga terus sukses!

shima said...

semoga lebih maju dimasa hadapan, kerja sendiri memang kena extra extra masa+tenaga dari mkan gajikan... ;)

Salmi said...

Salam semua, terima kasih banyak2 for the sweet notes !..sangat2 hargai :-)